About Me


Dr Vikram Reddy is one of the pioneering Clinical Hypnotherapists in India. Certified by the California Hypnosis Institute,
Irvine, California, he has been successfully practicing in Mumbai, India since 2003.In 2004, the title of Doctor was
conferred upon him by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. He is also member of the American Hypnosis
Association (AHA), the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IACH) and of the International
Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT)

Having realized the ineffectuality of modern medicine in resolving both physical and mental trauma very early on,
Dr. Vikram Reddy began his quest for alternative solutions in the 1990’s. He studied Naturotherapy, Acupressure,
Magneto therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Bach Flower Remedies.

The answers to all his questions about life seemed to emerge from his own sub-conscious as he explored the possibilities
of the various forms of Meditation. He then discovered Hypnotherapy as a fantastic process that enabled a person to
access one’s own sub-conscious, under the guidance of a trained practitioner, to not only heal emotions and trauma
but also physical ailments by activating our own mind’s healing processes, naturally. The process of healing in
Hypnotherapy emerges from a deeper understanding of the self which is also beneficial to people in their evolutionary
journey through life. Dr. Vikram Reddy found this to be an extremely effective and completely safe way to
a permanent solution with absolutely no side-effects.                             

He was taught by the late Dr. Sunny Satin of the California Hypnosis Institute and has also been fortunate enough to
experience such great teachers as Dr Joesph Costa of California, and Dr. Hans Ten Dam of the Netherlands.

Today, Dr. Vikram Reddy has a thriving practice, having successfully treated over 500 people. His cases include people
with terminal physical ailments such as cancer as well as people facing psychological and emotional trauma. 



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