How Hypnosis Works


Whilst under hypnosis the client continues to remain conscious, and is aware of the session as it takes place, thus
allowing him to maintain complete control of the session. Hypnotherapy is only effective with the absolute
acquiescence of the client

SO WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness achieved through deep relaxation techniques,
which are entirely non invasive and non chemical. Completely natural, hypnosis is in sync with our need to heal
and evolve through a more comprehensive understanding of our self.

The mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious. The relationship between the two is comparable to that of
a CPU and the hard drive of a computer, the conscious mind (CPU) does all the logical reasoning, analysis, judgement
and decision making based on the information available in the subconscious(hard drive).

What this means is that our behaviour today is generated by the way we have perceived experiences in the past.
Through the process of hypnosis and an understanding of our self we can change our perception of an experience
in the past so that it automatically changes our behavior in the present

MENTAL STATES AND PYSICAL WELL-BEING are intimately connected. By 1950, doctors knew that the mind was
involved in at least 50% of illnesses. Today, research has demonstrated that 90% of illnesses have a psychological
component or cause. Sometimes the mind causes physical problems (allergies, for instance). Other times it slows
or prevents healing. In the 1970s, Lawrence LeShan's research revealed that mental factors make the difference
between people who heal from cancer and those who die.
Unfortunately, doctors still don't know what to do about this. Virtually all health care aims at physical ailments and
ignores mental factors. Alternative medicine pays more attention to psychological issues, but mostly lacks effective
methods to deal with them.

The problem is that many key factors for healing lie outside your conscious awareness. You don't know that you
have a particular belief, attitude, or internal conflict that's causing a health problem, and neither does your doctor
or chiropractor. Even if you do know about it, most methods for dealing with it are slow, laborious, and ineffective.

The versatility of hypnosis is unparalleled. It can be used to help Individuals manage stress, loose weight, deal
with grief, anxiety and relationships, it also helps them in understanding their fears and phobias besides helping
them to deal with their addictions such as smoking, alcohol and sugar, among other things.




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