Uses of Hypnosis


Hypnosis has varied uses and benefits.

Physical ailments
Hypnotherapy is proven to greatly aid the treatment of cancer and other physical ailments that find their roots
in mental or emotional imbalance. The client is induced via deep relaxation techniques and even prolonged
physical ailments can be addressed.

Psychological traumas
Hypnotherapy has shown great improvement is cases where individuals suffer from deep fears, phobias or mental
instability. Hypnosis helps you achieve an all-embracing knowledge of self that in turn solves a lot of physiological

Emotional Healing
Most of the mental troubles are a direct result of a troubled conscience and an emotional imbalance. Hypnosis bridges
the gap between your belief system and healing process.

Healing through the understanding and release of conditioning
Hypnosis is absolutely natural and is scientifically proven to be healing and evolving through an extensive understanding
of self. Our judgments and responses are a calculated result of our perceived experiences in the past. Through the process
of hypnosis and a clear understanding of oneself, we can change our perception of a past experience so that it automatically
transforms our present behavior.

There is a fine line separating the finest athletes in the top echelons of the sporting world. Hypnosis can help an athlete
achieve this winning edge. The altered mental state helps one realize their true potential and therefore helps one scale the
sporting heights.
Helps people cope with stresses of modern living
Hypnosis is extremely versatile and can help individuals to manage stress, lose weight, deal with grief, anxiety and stress
caused by the modern day living with unparalleled ease. It is safe and effective at the same time.

Motivational tool to help an individual to focus themselves to achieve their maximum potential.
A strong connection with one’s sub-conscious enables them to understand their psyche better, therefore equipping
one to focus their energies towards the realization of their goals. The relaxation techniques enable one to realize their
maximum potential and harness their mind and body better.

Fears and phobias of an individual
Hypnotherapy is extremely vital in understanding and releasing one’s fears and phobias. A deeper connection with one’s
sub-conscious is a great step towards taking over their fears and phobias to become a stronger, determined person.

 Hypnosis helps one to deal with their addictions such as smoking, alcoholism, drugs and sugar, amongst other vices.



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